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Hi, I'm Norbertine Dupont and I write industrial art rock ballads under the name NORBERTINE. I write to find the truth. If it exists. 

I write about desires, comfortable and uncomfortable truths, wishes to get married, wishing to stay single, Tommy Lee, your girlfriend, dictators and other figures of authority. About you, maybe. 

About fantasies, yours and mine. With a never ending desire, for once you have what you are craving, the hunger will be long gone.  


My songs are written on pure intuition and feeling and I am in love with DIY mixes, using objects and metal pieces as instruments and intense, royal noise.   

I make rock music, but rock’s an attitude. It’s a mindset to be totally in the moment on stage, meditative, until the point to where it doesn’t matter if it’s going to go really good or really bad. It’s about standing there and giving your all. It's larger then life. It's life's essence. It’s an experiment. Just like every other moment in this world is. 


So anyway, I'm going on my search for the truth now. Care to join me? 


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